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IDFC Members are based in various countries and finance a wide range of projects, focused on sustainable development, resilience to climate change and fight against poverty. They are locally active around the world to support individuals, groups and regions, with tailor-made financial instruments and sound business advice. In the run up to COP21 and since the Paris Agreement, the international public climate finance system evolved significantly, with scaled up ambitions, enlarged scope of intervention and increased numbers of actors. While the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions NDCs will require to significantly scale up financial flows, the capacity of national and international financial systems to deliver appropriate financial services will be critical to unlock adequate levels of climate finance. As a network with global reach, political weight and resources, the IDFC can provide critical added value in terms of triggering and shaping multinational responses to climate change. In this capacity and in other international fora IDFC assumes a role as a platform for advocacy, vision and action to address climate change and foster related action. The IDFC decided to create a Climate Facility as an operational and innovative tool to strengthen knowledge and leverage resources in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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The pandemic has caused complex challenges for Ethiopia. To preserve health and jobs, the country can count on existing networks. GIZ is supporting the implementation. Modern buildings help protect the environment. A look at Ukraine and El Salvador shows us how. Extreme weather events are occurring more and more frequently.

Close cooperation with international organizations implementing the TFA has Helping individual Members find assistance through direct matchmaking with.

Sabine wanted to do her internship at the embassy in Peru as this would involve looking at development cooperation from a different angle than that of NGOs. I wanted to do my internship at an embassy as this would involve looking at development cooperation from a different angle than that of NGOs. Within the economics specialization, I am interested in: firstly, international trade that takes regard of sustainability and secondly, critically assessing how to create chances for a country.

Go directly to: Content Search box Breadcrumb. The embassy works on promoting trade through Dutch government programmes that financially support Dutch businesses that work together with local businesses in the region. This also includes projects supporting the matchmaking facilities for Peruvian businesses to find easier entrance to the Dutch market. Dutch businesses I got to do a lot of different things there: I answered questions about trade, prepared meetings of trade missions from the Netherlands, visited fairs and participated in joint meetings of all European embassies in Lima.

I evaluated project proposals of Dutch businesses that were setting up new ventures with Peruvian business partners to see if they met the different criteria for a subsidy from the Dutch government. During my internship I discovered that contact with colleagues and diversity in work tasks are important to me in a future job.

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The goal of this platform is to facilitate your approach to the third-country markets and to create partnerships in medium to long-term. In this way, you should have in consideration that you may not be able to establish a partnership in time to submit your VAP application within the available timeframe. The following is a non-exhaustive list of known European funded projects, organisations or agencies working to support European SMEs to internationalise in third countries outside the EU Member States and Associated Countries.

These organisations will be able to support your organisation as you seek a relevant partner.

Dutch Minister of Trade and Development ooperation Liliane for international firms – than the ‘push’ strategy on which aid is inherently predicated. of direct matchmaking by the Dutch embassy is the matchmaking facility.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has an embassy in the Republic of Ghana. It has a role in promoting trade between the countries. The embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana has a long history, dating back to the period immediately following the cession of the Dutch Gold Coast to the United Kingdom in April The Dutch government felt it was necessary to keep a Dutch representation in Elmina and appointed the former colonial administrators Willem Le Jeune and Pieter Simon Hamel as agent and assistant agent, respectively.

Apart from the regular diplomatic duties, the agents were also responsible for paying pensions to former employees of the colonial administration and to the African veterans of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army. The latter task comprised the bulk of the work, and for this reason the agency was mostly paid for by the Dutch ministry of colonies, rather than the ministry of foreign affairs.

The agent and assistant agent were promoted to consul and vice consul on 1 March Le Jeune retired in and was succeeded by Hamel. Gideon van der Meer de Walcheren was appointed as the new vice consul.

Trade, Private Sector Development and Engagement and Regional Integration Facility (9315)

Western governments are increasingly reframing their rhetoric of engagement in fragile and conflict-affected areas around the development of a vibrant private sector. According to IMF estimates, none of the 20 countries with the highest projected growth rates for 1 are in the Western hemisphere. China is in ninth place and 10 of the 20 are in Africa.

The Ontario government maintains an impressive research and development (​R&D) infrastructure This page includes links to top research facilities, R&D tax incentives, and bilateral science and technology networking and matchmaking activities. of Toronto Research and Innovation office for partnership opportunities.

A particular urgent problem is the provision of sanitation in cities in low-income countries. The globally dominant centralised sewerage approach has proven incapable to reach many of the urban poor. Recently, an increasing number of actors in international development cooperation has started to develop alternative safely managed non-grid approaches. The findings show how demand ing it is to fulfil an intermediary role in a global innovation system, because of the need to consider system processes at different scales, in each phase of system building.

A particularly pressing area for the improvement of life conditions are informal settlements in cities of low-income countries. Rapid urbanisation and insecure tenure rights lead to a general under-provision of basic services. Sanitation in particular has been a sector where not much improvement has been achieved over the last decades, despite myriads of initiatives by donors, non-governmental organizations NGOs , private, and public actors.

Over the years, it became more and more apparent that conventional centralised sewerage systems are confronted with major problems in informal settlements and the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. Therefore, international donors, the private sector, development agencies, and research institutes have started to experiment with a wide variety of technologies and business models around innovative non-grid systems.

However, these initiatives have not yet gained the same legitimation as the globally dominant centralised sewerage approach.

Private Sector Cooperation

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The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a service facility aiming to provide cluster cooperation; access the latest quality information on cluster development We offer both virtual facilities and live activities like cluster matchmaking.

Is your company looking to expand to Europe? Do you want to establish a legal structure and know more about the benefits of the Netherlands and how we are structured? Or is your company looking to work with innovative counterparts from the Netherlands? Choose your flex office or virtual office and use our wide range of facilities and services. Welcome to the Netherlands!

The WTC Twente offers you offices, flexible working spaces and meeting rooms that can be rented out. Our business center is an international, representative, highly facilitated and diverse place where entrepreneurs, government organisations, services and professionals come together. Join us! Our Expat Center East Netherlands is accessible to provide any assistance to international individuals and companies. Every Monday, we are available in the Stadskantoor Enschede for information and support.

On March 10, the European Commission presented a new industry strategy as a solution. Within this strategy, the Commission publishes a number of initiatives to support the transition to a green and digital economy — a new industry strategy for a globally competitive, green and digital European region. The Explanatory Memorandum to the Strategy states that the single market provides EU companies with a large domestic market, stimulating trade and competition while increasing efficiency.

Better integration and functioning of that market can provide additional growth in many areas, such as in industrial goods where an additional growth of EUR to billion per year is possible and in services where an additional EUR billion per year can be realized.

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Office of Commercial and Business Affairs. Through an interactive map interface, businesses can find new export opportunities, validated by U. Public and private partners can link to or download BIDS data for matchmaking, analysis, or other purposes.

With the matchmaking tool b2match you will have a chance to set up Through international cooperation, Eurostars provides access to new.

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EEN Matchmaking event: SEEIST-Academia-Industry-Workshop

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It aims at assisting in matching enterprises in the developed with companies in the The Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility of Dutch Embassy.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet with European suppliers and form international collaborations to meet the high demands from Big Science-facilities. With the matchmaking tool b2match you will have a chance to set up multiple face-to-face meetings at the event. Why participate? Expand your network and form international collaborations with small and medium-sized enterprises. Together with Eurostars we will reach out to enterprises within EU interested in Big Science technology.

Within Eurostars, small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs can seek funding for the development of market-related processes, products and services in international projects. Through international cooperation, Eurostars provides access to new knowledge, new collaborations and opportunities to test new markets. Who to attend? The information contained in this website is related to the Eurostars Programme and the Eurostars-2 Programme which for practical reasons are referred to solely by the name of Eurostars unless stated otherwise.

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Democratisation: What Role for International Development Cooperation?

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