FDA Outlines Conditions for Pharmacies to Repackage Drug Products

The pharmacy shall make available special handling and packaging materials to maintain container integrity and drug stability of the prepared prescription orders, including antineoplastic or other hazardous sterile preparations, during handling and administration to the patient including:. The dispensed container for any compounded sterile preparation shall include labeling according to Maryland law and regulations, in addition to the following information that is required by federal law:. A pharmacy compounding sterile infusion preparations shall provide a hour telephone number to allow its patients or other health care providers who may be administering its prescriptions to contact its pharmacists. Expiration or Beyond-Use Dating. In the absence of direct testing evidence, as detailed in the Stability Criteria and Beyond Use Dating section of USP Standards, the pharmacist shall use “beyond-use dating” as determined by USP Standards and reference materials as cited in Regulation. The pharmacy shall make available special handling and packaging materials to maintain container integrity and drug stability of the prepared prescription orders, including antineoplastic or other hazardous sterile preparations, during handling and administration to the patient including: 1 A reasonable effort to provide tamper-evident packaging if appropriate to setting; 2 Proper in-transit storage consistent with preparation labeling; and 3 Delivery to the patient within a reasonable time. Chapter Sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Current Developments

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On June 1, , the United States Pharmacopeia (“USP”) published Category 1 CSPs generally have a shorter beyond-use date and can.

Last updated on Jul 22, For many patients, these questions arise because medications can be expensive and it is costly to frequently replace expired — but unused — medications. But is it safe to use medicines past their expiration date? The expiration date is the final day that the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of a medication.

Drug expiration dates exist on most medication labels, including prescription, over-the-counter OTC and dietary herbal supplements. For legal and liability reasons, manufacturers will not make recommendations about the stability of drugs past the original expiration date.

Use New Delays to Catch Up to More Stringent USP Requirements

Alternative Date. General Industrial OEM. Off-Highway Vehicles. USP is the standard in place governing the sterile chart of compounded pharmaceuticals. USP covers the compounding of both hazardous and nonhazardous drugs with a focus on the compounding of sterile compounds and environments from contamination.

An expiration date identifies the time during which a conventionally manufactured product, active ingredient, or excipient can be expected to meet.

These challenges are expected to result in tighter supplies and greater variability in pharmacy-level access and will potentially continue through the summer months as seasonal demand increases. On June 5, , the U. Food and Drug Administration announced the extension of the expiration dates by four months of all lots of EpiPen 0. This announcement is based on a careful review of product stability data provided by Pfizer.

Our hope is that the expiration extension will help alleviate the shortage situation as Pfizer continues its efforts to increase production and stabilize pharmacy inventories. The expiration date for EpiPen 0. Please see example images.

USP Finalizes Revisions to Sterile Compounding Standards

A multi-dose vial is a vial of liquid medication intended for parenteral administration injection or infusion that contains more than one dose of medication. Multi-dose vials are labeled as such by the manufacturer and typically contain an antimicrobial preservative to help prevent the growth of bacteria. The preservative has no effect on viruses and does not protect against contamination when healthcare personnel fail to follow safe injection practices.

Multi-dose vials should be dedicated to a single patient whenever possible.

The Expert Committee proposes to delay the implementation of the 4-digit year format described in the section titled “Expiration Date and Beyond-.

The most recent revisions implement new standards and revise existing ones based on recent scientific and technological developments. Significant changes include:. In light of the new standards, pharmacies should evaluate the physical capabilities of their compounding facilities to ensure they can meet the demands of the revised requirements. With states increasingly requiring that licensees adhere to the USP standards, state Boards of Pharmacy are likely to adopt these or similar changes in the near future.

In addition, providers may need to train employees to work within a controlled environment that conforms to the new USP standards. The revised chapter instead focuses on standards aimed at ensuring the integrity of CSPs. With this modified scope, the June 1 st revisions set forth stringent controls on the compounding environment in which compounding activities occur.

Category 1 CSPs generally have a shorter beyond-use date and can be prepared in an unclassified segregated compounding area. In contrast, Category 2 CSPs generally have a longer beyond-use date and must be prepared in a cleanroom suite. This important and constructive change will likely reclassify most hospitals from medium-risk compounders to category 2 compounders. As a result, hospitals that prepare Category 2 CSPs will find themselves subjected to a heightened standard that may require the facility build or renovate a compounding suite.

In doing so, the revised guidelines define single-dose containers, multiple-dose containers, bulk packages, and make clear their respective uses and beyond-use dates. These scenarios include personnel qualification failure, facility certification failure, quality control check failure, media fill failure, complaints on quality of CSPs, out-of-specification results in laboratory tests, and other potentially adverse events.

Beyond-Use and Expiration Date Differences

Each strength of a drug product, and each primary package and closure system in which it is distributed must be supported by stability testing. If you are contracting this work to a third party laboratory be sure that they can provide guidance to help navigate the regulatory and compendial guidelines, and you perform a quality system audit of their facility. A stability study is a program of testing that is designed to provide evidence on how the quality of a drug substance or drug product varies with time under the influence of a variety of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity light, which enables recommended storage conditions, retest periods and shelf lives to be established.

Stability testing is required to be conducted for OTC drug products under the recommended conditions of storage appearing on the label, and at any other condition, the drug product might be exposed to during manufacturing, storage and shipping activities.

SUPRANE has been demonstrated to be stable for the period defined by the expiration dating on the label. The bottle should be recapped after each use of.

Designing a Verification and Monitoring Program. Designing a CSP Facility. Designing a Quality Management System. Teaching Adult Learners. Validation Studies. Current Developments. Educational Tools. Technique Verification. Sterility Testing and Monitoring. Data Management Software. Environmental Monitoring. Does your pharmacy need to produce safe and effective Piggy-Back batches with the longest-possible expiration dating?

Guidelines for the Establishment of Appropriate Beyond Use Dating of Sterile Compounded Admixtures

A beyond-use date is a date placed on a prescription by a pharmacy for compounded medications they prepare, noting when that prescription should no longer be used. This date is determined by the pharmacy when they prepare a compound prescription based on different factors, including:. The beyond-use date is different than an expiration date of a drug.

This includes moving a medication to a different container, which is the normal practice for pharmacies dispensing prescriptions. Based on the type of drug, how fast it degrades, dosage, type of container, storage conditions, prescription length, the likelihood of contamination. Based on testing a drug in specific conditions related to storage containers, lighting, temperature, etc.

compounding environment, equipment, stability criteria and beyond-use dating and records. USP Chapter lists requirements for policies and procedures.

Can you help me out? As your about to pour some out into his outstretched hand, you pause. BUT , do you actually know whether or not the expired medication you just dished out will even work? Or, could it actually hurt him? Fortunately, there actually is some research regarding this common dilemma to answer these questions, and NGCM is here to help distill, translate, and inform.

The expiration date, in theory, is supposed to guarantee us how long a medication will technically be good for. The shelf life, or time until expiration, is usually months after production, but there is no FDA regulation specifically aligning a decline in potency levels with a specific date, meaning that pharmaceutical companies can and do arbitrarily establish expiration dates without any actual determination of stability beyond that date.

This is good to know when you are a big-name pharmaceutical company looking to ensure you can turn out the newest product. Given short expiration timelines, it is easy to imagine how strict regulations on storage and shelf life would force the Department of Defense DOD to constantly turn over and destroy huge stores of unused medications. Approximately 25 years ago, however, a little-known initiative was started, and although it is not a secret, the Shelf Life Extension Program SLEP has certainly not made headline news.

Stability Testing Requirements For OTC & Drug Products in the USA

The increasing cost of health care is a major concern for health systems, patients, and insurance providers nationwide. These devices are designed to contain HD drips, sprays, and vapors that occur during compounding and administration. A study conducted by The University of New Mexico Hospital found that both pharmacy departments and nursing staff preferred Equashield over 2 other products tested. The study was a 4-step process that included a survey of the health care personnel who would be using the CSTDs.

At the end of study, the consensus was that the Equashield components simplified the entire drug compounding and administration processes.

Expiration Dating of Unit-Dose Repackaged Drugs: FDA has considered the USP beyond-use standard and believes that similar conditions.

RAA is managed by Somnia. Q: As a practicing consultant pharmacist to ambulatory surgery centers, I am often asked about the beyond use dating of medications drawn into syringes. Since most ASCs do not have an isolator or glove box for this procedure, I advocate following USP , and consider those pre-drawn syringes an immediate-use compounded sterile preparation, and suggest a one-hour beyond use dating. Is this too stringent? Does USP apply in these situations if they are not IV admixtures but are, for example, injectable local anesthetics which are not given intravenously?

Clifford Gevirtz: Yes, I think you the consulting pharmacist are going a bit far in your interpretation. To quote from the USP guideline www. However, if the expiration date of the vial is sooner than 28 days, then it expires on that date.

Guidance Document: Labelling of Pharmaceutical Drugs for Human Use

To support compounding of products that are sterile and chemically stable, beyond use dating of admixtures must include a thorough evaluation of appropriate resources. In most instances, resources provide documentation of a specific compounded admixture, at a specific concentration and storage parameters, that does not coincide with current operations or patient-specific requirements.

To meet the operational demands of a pharmacy, institutions employ a referenced guideline approach to guide decision making for safe sterile admixing. Often these guidelines are established and maintained at individual practicing locations with varying levels of detail and accuracy. In an effort to improve sterile compounding across a multihospital system, we developed and implemented beyond use dating guidelines to improve consistency and patient safety while meeting regulatory concerns.

Beyond use date BUD is the date after which a compounded preparation shall not be used, and it is set based on the date on which the preparation was compounded.

Start studying Expiration and Beyond Use Dating. Active ingredient chemical stability and sterility limitation for the risk level per USP recommendations.

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Three concepts that create a lot of confusion: stability, beyond-use date, expiration

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USP Apparatus / 〈17〉 Prescription Container Labeling 1. Add the following: information, expiration date, prescription number, drug regimen. quantity.

The U. The FDA states that this action was taken in response to ” an increasing demand in various health care settings for solid oral dosage form drug products repackaged into unit-dose containers, which hold a quantity of drug for administration as a single dose. The increase in unit-dose repackaging has led to questions regarding stability studies and appropriate expiration dates for these repackaged products “. In addition, once final, it will supersede Compliance Policy Guide Comments regarding the draft document should be submitted within 60 days of publication.

In the previous draft guidance on expiration dating issued in May , the FDA had proposed to set the expiration date for nonsterile, unit-dose repackaged drugs to one year, which was also aligned with USP standards at the time for beyond use dating for unit-dose repackaging by dispensers. FDA will not enforce certain stability study requirements for repackaged drug products in the following cases:.

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Stability Testing

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